Junge Leute sitzen bei Kaffee und Gesprächen in einem Café.

Why educational institutions rely on an SV Mensa

Our customers rely on our solutions for their canteens for a variety of reasons. In our canteens, we focus on a wide selection and plenty of variety, as well as a climate-friendly and balanced range at fair prices. We offer pupils, students, teachers and researchers a place to meet, work together and enjoy themselves in a friendly atmosphere. Last but not least, educational institutions choose SV Mensa because of our many years of experience and professionalism.

Gesunde Bowl mit Kichererbsen, Spargeln, Broccoli und Avocado.

Culinary variety and enjoyment

Our food should taste good! But food today has to be able to do more: It should be healthy, resource-friendly, good for the environment and varied. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, pulses, good fats and the occasional piece of meat or fish, as well as eggs and dairy products - that's the ideal diet. When planning the menus in our canteens, we therefore place a special focus on culinary variety.

Fair prices

Food brings people together, especially during school, training and university. That's why prices need to be fair - so that everyone has a place at the table.

Grüne Shakshuka mit Ei, Spinat, Bärlauch in einer Pfanne schön angerichtet.
Eine ausgewogene und vielfältige Salatschüssel mit Avocado, Nüsslisalat, Quinoa und roten Bohnen.

Sustainable for the environment and health

We are constantly improving our environmental footprint along our entire value chain. Our goal: We bring sustainability directly to our guests' plates! We are committed to a varied and enjoyable diet - in line with the principle of the Planetary Health Diet, a scientific approach that aims to harmonize the environment and health.

Professionalism, experience, quality awareness

Our businesses are run by experienced professionals. We ensure that our high standards of quality and performance are implemented to a uniform standard everywhere through regular further training in areas such as cuisine, operational and staff management, hospitality, quality assurance and hygiene. Our employees are passionate about their work and receive regular training in hospitality and hygiene.

Mitarbeiter in der Küche wäscht seine Hände nach den SV Hygienevorschriften.
Portrait einer Mitarbeiterin der SV Group lacht in die Kamera.

Responsible employer

We are an inclusive organization that unites diverse talents. Our values form the basis for a shared hospitality culture. With over 100 apprentices in various professions, we are the largest training provider in the industry.