Mehrmals im Jahr bietet die SV kulinarische Themenwochen an.

Taste counts: our culinary expertise

In our restaurants, taste, balance and a varied selection are our top priorities. That's why we invest heavily in developing new recipes and hold culinary experience weeks in our restaurants several times a year. Our culinary team regularly tinkers with new flavor combinations and draws inspiration from current food trends.

Eine Frau hält eine Bowl mit gesunden und frischen Zutaten in den Händen.

In-house FoodLab in Dübendorf

We do everything we can to offer our guests high-quality cuisine with tasty and balanced menus. The focus is always on taste. To achieve this, the culinary team in our in-house test kitchen in Dübendorf, the FoodLab, regularly thinks outside the box, evaluates food trends, tests new products, refines dishes and transforms creative ideas into exciting recipes. Always with the goal in mind: a contemporary, innovative and, above all, tasty offering for our guests.

Experience weeks in our restaurants

Grandma's favorite recipes, Mexican specialties or vegan novelties - the experience weeks in our restaurants provide variety several times a year and are much appreciated by our guests. Our experienced team regularly comes up with new recipes. For example: In recent years, more than 100 plant-based recipes have already been created especially for the "Veganuary" experience week, which have also made it onto the menus of the SV restaurants in the long term.

Verschiedene Bowls auf farbigen Tellern mit farbigen Gerichten von oben fotografiert und weissem Untergrund
Portraitfoto Claudio Schmitz, Head of Culinary Excellence SV Group.
The world of cuisine is always on the move and subject to changing trends. We are always on the lookout for new accents to keep our guests up to date in culinary terms.

Claudio Schmitz

Head of Culinary Excellence SV Group

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