Mann und Frau stossen im Restaurant mit Weingläsern an

We create the space to savor the moment

Founded in 1914 by Else Züblin-Spiller as the non-profit organisation ‘Schweizer Verband Soldatenwohl’, the original aim was to provide Swiss soldiers with inexpensive, balanced food without alcohol. Today, the SV Group is a leading catering and hotel management group and is active in several business segments: restaurants for companies and schools, hotels with own brands and other renowned brands as franchisees, public restaurants with innovative concepts, food delivery service and catering.

Zwei Servicemitarbeitende der SV Group

What we stand for

We are passionate about hospitality. With our unique history and deeply rooted values, we create the space to savor the moment. We are known for:

  • Incomparable hospitality
  • Contemporary cuisine
  • Acting responsibly

Our history

Our unique history gives us a commitment to the future. Hospitality and dedication, a pioneering spirit and innovativeness are the foundations. Social responsibility, careful use of resources and cost-effectiveness shape our decisions.

Historisches Foto eines Personalrestaurants in schwarz-weiss, wo viele Menschen beim Mittagessen sitzen und im Vordergrund an der Theke geschöpft wird.
Symbole für Hand-in-Hand-Herz, Glühbirne, Kochmütze und mit einem Bett unter einer Weltkugel.

Our values

Our values form the basis for our actions. In this way, we create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and valued – whether employees, guests or business partners. The following values are synonymous with the SV Group: By being cordial in our dealings with guests, customers and one another, we make sure our guests feel at ease. By taking a proactive approach and being competent at what we do, we provide our guests with fresh, delicious food and high-quality services. By acting responsibly towards one another and in terms of the resources we use, we respect our fellow human beings and care for the environment.

SV at a glance

How many menus do we serve per year? Which projects have our employees carried out and what have we achieved? How many people have stayed in our hotels? Our Facts & Figures section contains highlights, milestones and fascinating facts and figures about the SV Group at a glance.

essen, gericht, risotto, kulinarik
Versammlung von Menschen an einem Fest, im Vordergrund ein langer Tisch, an dem gegessen wird.
Foodsave banquets
One of many projects supported by the SV Foundation: the expansion of Foodsave banquets in Switzerland is being supported with a financial contribution to raise awareness of the value of surplus food.

SV Foundation: healthy nutrition for all

The SV Foundation is the majority shareholder in the SV Group and supports projects that promote healthy and affordable nutrition for the Swiss population.

Corporate governance

The SV Group is committed to the principles of good corporate governance. The relevant rules are set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, the Organisational Regulations and the Management Manual. By providing transparent information about structures, processes and governing bodies, the SV Group aims to strengthen the trust of its customers, business partners and employees. Our thoughts and actions are guided by transparency and compliance with legal requirements. Find out more about our Code of Conduct, the SV Group’s Executive Board and Board of Directors.

Zwei Personen geben sich in einem Büro die Hand.
Personen sitzen an einem Tisch bei einem Meeting und haben ihre Laptops geöffnet.

SV Group organisation

Get to know the Executive Board and Board of Directors of the SV Group.