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Us together. The main ingredients for success.

We share a strong bond with the people who give their all every day, propelling us forward. We provide an environment where they can thrive, because their success is our success.

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A dependable employer

We recognise that everybody’s journey through life is unique and we support you in leading the life you want to lead. Here, you’ll find the perfect position offering you the flexibility you need right now.

SV has established itself as a dependable employer that is adept in dealing with crises, adaptable and fair. Be it business innovations, digital tools or new collaboration methods, our pioneering spirit drives us forward and keeps us agile. We offer an open, cordial corporate culture in which everyone can feel welcome.

Become part of something bigger!

At SV, you become part of something bigger, something with significant societal value. Since our founding in 1914, we have been committed to enhancing societal well-being by raising awareness of healthy and sustainable nutrition. Our services allow us to reach tens of thousands of people every day and offer them sustainable, healthy and affordable food, not to mention a home away from home.

All our endeavours are powered by people and strong teams. Together, we make SV unbeatable.

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