Team von Restaurantmitarbeitern bei einem Meeting am runden Tisch.

What makes working with us special

Experience and professionalism: we are professionals at work

Employers, universities and schools that invest in an in-house restaurant can stand out in the job market. We support our clients in making the most of this investment. With a clear division of roles and clearly defined areas of responsibility, we ensure that our restaurants and canteens offer an efficient, competent and reliable service and a great guest experience.

Client manager

Our customer managers are the point of contact for all contractual matters between the customer and SV. If customers wish to refresh or completely renovate their guest space, they work with our Design & Construction team to advise them on how space can be used efficiently and attractively. Many customers are now opting for multiple use of their premises. The restaurant or coffee bar is used as a co-working space outside of meal times. With our many years of experience, we find a suitable solution for all customers. Very often, companies include sustainable cuisine in their restaurants in their sustainability reporting. At the same time, they want to check the profitability of the staff restaurant. Client managers provide the corresponding reports.

Zwei Männer führen ein Gespräch bei einem Tisch in einem hellen Café.",
Porträt eines lächelnden kahlen Mannes im Anzug.
If the customer perceives our service as part of their corporate culture, we have achieved our goal.

Stefan Siebenhaar

Director Customer Management SV Switzerland

Mann in blauem Veston steht lächelnd in einem modernen Café.

Region Managers

The Region Managers manage the companies in a region in all operational matters. They are the link between our specialist departments at the head office in Dübendorf and support the team on site. They ensure that our high standards of cuisine, quality, hygiene, occupational safety, personnel management and visual appearance in the dining room are implemented to a uniform standard. At the same time, the regional managers are responsible for the economic success of their establishments.

Porträt einer Frau in einem Anzug an einem Tisch.
If our guests keep coming back, we offer our employees fair working conditions and work together efficiently, we are doing our job well.

Franziska Kuhn

Director Regions Management

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers are the link between the kitchen and guests. They ensure that restaurant operations run smoothly, advise our customers on the culinary accompaniment to internal company events and drinks receptions and provide suitable catering for conferences and meetings. At smaller locations, the head chef is also the restaurant manager. We promote our talents with the GastroSuisse training courses: G1 Wirtekurs, G2 eidg. Fachausweis Gastro-Betriebsleiter:in and G3 höhere Fachprüfung Gastro-Betriebsleiter:in. With over 300 establishments in Switzerland, we find the right challenge for everyone to develop their career after further training.

Teammeeting mit Chef und Mitarbeitern in einer Restaurantküche.
Koch in einer professionellen Küche mit Töpfen.

Our chefs

Our chefs are passionate professionals who spoil their guests with surprising menus every day. They know their guests' preferences and plan the menu for their restaurant individually using our proprietary smartChef platform. They ensure that all quality standards are met in the kitchen. We promote their further development and support internal cohesion with internal training in culinary skills, the annual Culinary Day conference and the internal ChefChampion competition. Traditional chef training still focuses little on plant-based cuisine. As this is an important cornerstone of our sustainability strategy, we train everyone at the Hiltl Academy in vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Service staff

The staff in the kitchen, at the menu counter and at the cash desk are passionate about their work. The teams receive regular training in hospitality and hygiene. We can offer many people with little formal education and few language skills interesting work that is fairly paid, recognized and appreciated.

Zwei Servicemitarbeitende der SV Group