Kinder beim Essen und Händeschütteln in der Schulcafeteria.

Feeding children with Meals for Kids

Children are discerning connoisseurs. That's a good thing! With "Meals for Kids", we have developed a professional lunch solution for schools, nurseries and daycare centers. Our menus are tailored to the needs of children. They taste delicious, are balanced and healthy. So even the youngest children can start the afternoon satisfied and full of energy.

The advantages of our menus

"Meals for Kids" offers a large selection of meals every week, specially prepared for children. What children and young people eat, where the food comes from and how it is produced is very important to us. This is also demonstrated by our partnerships with renowned organizations such as WWF Switzerland and Fourchette verte.

Balanced range and fresh ingredients

A weekly selection of meat, fish and fine vegetarian menus, cooked with fresh ingredients.

Tailored to all needs

Gluten-free and lactose-free menus for allergy sufferers and consideration of cultural and religious needs.

Child-friendly and healthy

Child-friendly food with reduced salt content, high-quality rapeseed and olive oil, without artificial colors and additives/glutamate/alcohol.

Low investment

Low investment thanks to minimal infrastructure requirements and simple, quick and gentle preparation of the menu components delivered cold in the steamer/steam cooker

As recommended by the SBU

Our menus are developed in collaboration with nutritionists and take into account the recommendations of the Swiss Society for Nutrition.

Good cooperation

Supportive advice from an experienced team in the area of child nutrition and delivery throughout Switzerland.

Quality standards

High quality through standards, controls and defined processes.

Swiss ingredients

Around 90 percent of all products come from Switzerland.

Kind mit einer weissen Kochuniform und Kochmütze sitzt in der Küche und denkt nach, andere Kinder sind im Hintergrund.

More than 150 customers

We have been cooking for lunch tables, day schools, after-school care centers and daycare centers for more than 15 years. We develop our menus in close cooperation with nutritionists and our customers. New ideas and dishes are constantly being incorporated into our range. In this way, we bring variety and delicious menus to the lunch table.